Our Story and How Drink Driving Has Affected Us.

We’ve personally been affected drunk driving, so this is our passion.

Why we do what we do

We care about safe driving. Here’s why.

In 2001, our owner, Harold Brooks was personally affected by drunk driving. The vehicle his Aunt, God Mother, and Cousin (people I deeply cared for) were driving and were struck by a drunk driver.

Although she was badly injured, my Aunt was the only survivor.

The driver of the other vehicle, who was drinking and driving, was said to only be running to the store a short distance away.

After we learned what happened to her, Harold felt empassioned to do something to help prevent someone else and their family from having to endure such  horrific devastation. Harold was in the military, and after getting out a few years later, he had a vision of how to help with the issue of drinking and driving.

In 2018, Harold formed Drinks on the Move, Inc., to help with this of drunk driving that caused such devastation in his own life–  so he started this home delivery service.

His vision started with research on drinking, driving and how prevalent it is in our communities–  and later developed it into this business model which provides a safer way to drink, to celebrate, socialize, and relax.

It won’t fix every drunk driving problem or situation we have, but it will help.  We’d love to be able to serve you!

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